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Maitland and surrounding suburbs are experiencing high demand from buyers, with the value of local homes increasing over recent years as the area grows and evolves.

To find out how much your home is worth, book a FREE appraisal from Dowling Maitland.

Your estimate will be based on the size, location and features of your property, as well as recent sale prices and current demand from buyers.

The value of your home will be based on research and data, and will be as realistic as possible so you understand what you can expect from your sale.

Your appraisal includes:


A personal visit from an experienced Dowling Maitland representative


A detailed inspection of your property and land


Comparison with other homes for sale or recently sold properties


A written statement of your home’s estimated value and the reasons for this estimate


Suggestions and recommendations to improve the value of your home


Time to have a detailed discussion and ask questions about the sale of your property

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Your appraisal comes with no obligation to list your home for sale with Dowling Maitland. We are looking forward to reviewing your property and sharing advice which will help you make decisions about how to move forward. Book an appraisal by selecting a time below: